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2022-2023 o'quv yiliga mo'ljallangan yillik ish reja.

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1 How are you? Learn
2 What is your name? Learn
3 Are you happy? Learn
4 Do you know the greeting cultures? Learn
5 Can you be polite? Learn
6 Can you say A, B, C? Learn
7 Who is in your family? Learn
8 Who is this? Learn
9 Is your family big or small? Learn
10 Do animals have families Learn
11 Can you be helpful? Learn
12 Can you say D, E, F Learn
13 Review 1 Learn
14 Project work: My passport Learn
15 What is in your classroom? Learn
16 What is this? Who is this? Learn
17 What is in your bag? Learn
18 Do you know the colours of the world? Learn
19 Can you share? Learn
20 Can you say G, H, I? Learn
21 What is in your room? Learn
22 What colour is it? Learn
23 What can you see in your room? Learn
24 Where do they live? Learn
25 Can you tidy up your room? Learn
26 Can you say J, K, L? Learn
27 Review 2 Learn
28 Project work: My TV model Learn
29 Do you know body parts? Learn
30 Have you got six legs? Learn
31 Can you touch your head? Learn
32 Progress check 1 Learn
33 What sense is it? Learn
34 Can you save water? Learn
35 Can you say M, N, O? Learn
36 Is it rainy today? Learn
37 How is the weather today? Learn
38 What is the season? Learn
39 What can we see in the sky? Learn
40 Can you be kind? Learn
41 Can you say P, Q, R? Learn
42 Review 3 Learn
43 My project work: My rainbow Learn
44 Is it a fruit or a vegetable? Learn
45 Do you like banana? Learn
46 Do you eat rainbow? Learn
47 Do you know vitamins? Learn
48 Do you like fruits and vegetables? Learn
49 Can you say S, T, U? Learn
50 Do you like apple juice? Learn
51 Have you got an ice-cream? Learn
52 What do you have for breakfast? Learn
53 Do you like rice? Learn
54 Do you like pizza? Learn
55 Can you say V, W, X? Learn
56 Project work: My food plate Learn
57 Review 4 Learn
58 Do you like pets? Learn
59 Can you jump? Learn
60 Have you got a pet? Learn
61 Is it living or non-living? Learn
62 Can you be caring? Learn
63 Can you say Y, Z? Learn
64 Project work: My dream house Learn
65 Review 5 Learn
66 Progress check 2 Learn